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Creating an online order form

Posted by Darren Coulter

Date posted:

One problem that must be facing a lot of bricks and mortar shops is a lack of ability to take orders online.
You want to trade through this period and have products to sell but without people coming through the door it feels impossible.

You may have a very basic or no website at all. You may just use Facebook as your website and have an active audience but now way to accept orders from them.

There are options to get a quick online order form up and running that also collect payments securely.

Now this will not work for everyone. If you have a big range of products that you are trying to sell you may be better off starting a Shopify site or using third part seling portals like eBay, Amazon or Etsy.

But let's say you have 20 - 30 items with variations (small/medium/large etc) that people can order and pay for online. With a fairly small amount of concentrated effort you can build a simple order form in one of these tools and start sharing it with your clients via social media, your site, email, txt etc.

Note that you don't need to understand or use 'code' or any web development tools to get compete this task. You just need to be able to read instructions and click and drag, fill in forms etc.

Here are a couple of online tools to help with this:


Wufoo, despite the funny name has been around for a long time and has quite a few templates that can get you up and running very quickly:

You can use one of these and modify it for your purposes very quickly or start from scratch and build your own custom form.

To accept payments you will need to sign up with a third party payment provider and then select this when setting up your form with Wufoo. You can see the full list of payment providers that you can use with a Wufoo form here but they include commonly used providers like Paypal, Stripe and Square:

Wufoo forms will all work on mobile devices and tablets and offer features like:

  • Notifications
  • Secure connections with SSL
  • Ability to change the look of the form
  • Indicate what fields are mandatory on an order
  • Customise the customer response
  • Social sharing

Pricing for an order form that allows you to include online payments starts at $29.08 USD per month. See Wufoo's pricing page here:


Jotform is also an onine form builder that allows you to take payments. It has a very good step by step tutorial on how to set up an online order / payment form with product variations:

Jotforms really has most if not all of the features above although it does not seem to have as big a list payment providers and it does limit how many transactions you can take per month based on your account type. Having said that, I expect that 1,000 transactions in a month an a $29 USD account (if paid annually) is going to be fine for a lot of small businesses.

See their pricing page here:

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