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Is this free. Will businesses have to pay to be in here or will I have to pay to put them in?

Yes, of course, it's free. This is not a money-making exercise. It's a public crisis and it is the best way we at Karmabunny can think of to help!

If my business is added and there is incorrect info, how do I take control of it?

It is true that we are somewhat relying on people to do the right thing. We would hope that these times bring the best out of folks. Having said that, at the bottom of each listing there is an option "Hi there, is this your shop?". If you click on this option it will take you through a process where you can create a login and edit the listing (Don't worry it's free. We have no plan to make any money from this site. Our work on it is our humble donation).

Is this a global directory?

Not at this stage. For now, we are just trying to help local Australian businesses.

Why can't I put my accountancy or professional services business in here?

For now, this site is specifically trying to help retail and hospitality. These folks are being forced to completely change the way they do business or close their doors. We hope to let the world know about them to help them trade through this period.