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Simple delivery solutions

Posted by Darren Coulter

Date posted:

This is an area that I am not very well educated on, so please use the 'suggest a resource'  form if you have any good info on this topic and I will add it to this post.

I would think that there are a lot of businesses out there who are suddenly unable to sell products simply because they have no way to get it to the buyer. They have never had to consider delivering their product as they are a face-to-face retail supplier.

General couriers


Zoom2u are an online portal to a large community of couriers Australia wide. They have really focused on creating an excellent digital platform to enable both business and recipient to understand where a parcel is and when it will be delivered.

They cater to all sizes of business from small through to large and pride themselves on getting you up and running quickly with a simple onboarding process.

They offer 3 hour / same day / next day delivery (among others) and allow you to contact the courier that has been assigned to your job at any time from pick up through to delivery.

To learn more about partnering with Zoom2u to help your business with product delivery:

To learn more about becoming a driver for Zoom2u check out this link:


This service is Adelaide specific (please let me know about other similar services here). They will pretty much pick up and drop off anything (including food) that is not too big to fit in a car. They specifically mention helping stores fulfill local orders and will even pick up shopping for folks.

Their fee structure is pretty simple. There is an additional shopping fee if you just give them a list of stuff to buy and they have to go find it. View pricing here:

They do make a point of saying they can integrate with a businesses workflow.

I did speak to Arib from today and they noted some interesting trends in their business:

  • We have seen an increase in grocery orders for home
  • Flowers sent to aged care to cheer up family members that can't have visitors.
  • Home cooked meals that families are sending to other members in self isolation.
  • We are seeing an increase in PS4, Xbox and entertainment pick up from JB Hifi and similar stores as people are preparing for an extended stay at home.

If you are interested in using qwikdrop as a delivery option for your business:

Email them at: or visit

They did also indicate that they are very busy and always open to expanding their workforce.
Visit this page if you have been hit by the job shedding and want a new income stream:

Specific food sales and delivery platforms

For food delivery there are quite a few options. 


UberEATS is obviously the big player in this space and they are apparently exploding with new business over this period.

For businesses not aware of how they work:

  • Folks use the UberEATS app to order food,
  • You, the seller, receive an alert on a specific tablet (with UberEATS software installed) provided to you by UberEATS
  • You accept the order and start preparing the order
  • Delivery people arrive and take it to the person who ordered

So your brand is featured in the UberEATS environment and your food is exposed to a very large potential audience.

You can apparently get set up in a few days.

There has been some criticism online about UberEATS fee structure although it is not clearly published on their website.
There is apparently a 1 time set up fee which includes providing you with the tablet and then a service fee for each order. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of the order but establishing that is not straight forward.
They will use an algorithm based on the distance the order is from your restaurant and the average value of an order from your restaurant.

For more details you will need ot email or complete this form:


Deliveroo is a simar service to UberEATS. It has a directory of partner cafes and restaurants that uit then promotes to it's users online and via a mobile app.

Like UberEATS you will receive a tablet with Delivero software as a part of the set up process.

One point of difference appears to be that you can receive an order via Deliveroo and use your own delivery network as opposed to using a Deliveroo courier although it is unclear how this effects the cost to a business.

In fact there is very little information on partner fees on their website. Gossip onlie suggest anywhere from 10-35% although I have not been able to establish how this variation is calculated.


Another here in service recently started that is specific to the Adelaide Hills is Restuarantrunnner. They don't appear to have a website that I could find but there is an app ( and an active facebook page (

Here is an article recently on indaily about them:

They use a similar fee structure to Deliverooo and UberEATS but once again the percentage appears to vary from 13% to 35% per order. Contact Hannah Brydges on 0409 968 989 or via email: for more on this.

If anyone has any direct experience then let me know via the suggest a resource form and I will publish it in this post (albeit as heresay).

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