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Merydith Willoughby



Australia and New York City,
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Product offering

A point of difference when you work with me is that you are not just-a-client. You are the most important person at that time. When I began my independent consultancy - way back in 2003 - my goal was never to have one client after another. I intended to put a significant amount of time into each client, where I would think about the goals they wanted to attain - between sessions - and develop a creative approach to assist clients to attain levels, they may not have contemplated. That goal has paid huge dividends for clients, and they appreciate this aspect of my work. I never wing-it because it is important that every client gains significantly from any work undertaken. My goal is to empower you. One session at a time. You then empower others.

Another reason for not having client after client is because I stay at the cutting edge of leadership and continue to unravel the human condition. This takes an inordinate amount of time. I can then apply these learnings in client sessions, in writings and in life in general.

When you need some assistance to fine-tune your leadership role, give me a call and we can identify whether our goals, values are aligned. I look forward to talking to you, working with you and assisting you to reach levels, you may not have contemplated.

To interview me on your radio program or in the print media about this topic or leadership development contact:

Merydith Willoughby
Executive advisor
New York City 718 790 9729
Australia 61 435086641

Access Instructions

We can work together via internet, phone, face to face. My books can be purchased from Amazon. Contact me via phone or to discuss your leadership goals and for information about my books.

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